Wednesday, February 9, 2011

:: Menstruation After Childbirth ::

Ermm.. skang ni dah 5 months +++ umor Cik Cinta.... tapi till to date saya adelah blom period2 lagik after deliver...
memula aritue mcm pelik lah jugak ye lah kan..ape ke hal nye aku x period2 sampai bape bulan dah ni kan... xkan lah Cik Cinta kite ni nak dpt adik lagik kut... hiks
luka operate aritu pun blom baik betul lagi kut.... like a NO NO NO la kan....

Then i google2 lah....

Breastfeeding can suppress menstruation. This is because the prolactin present in the breast milk tends to suppress the menstruation after pregnancy. Many women do not get their periods at all while they are breastfeeding. Once they get their first period, it can be very irregular. But this is very normal and the cycle becomes regular over a period of time.

If the baby is bottle fed, chances are the periods will return faster. In fact in 80% of the mothers, menstruation returns within ten weeks after birth if they do not breast feed

Every woman and her hormone levels are very unique, so its difficult to say when a period will recommence after childbirth. Some women find their period will return the very next month following birth and at the other end of the scale, some women wont have menstruated until well after twelve months. I found it to be even longer than this! I breastfed my first born until she was a little over two and then fell pregnant with baby number two. I didn’t get my period until my second born was 20 months, when all overnight feeds had stopped.

lagi dan lagi info kat sini, sini, dan sini jugak....

Then last month masa pegi buat pap smear pun...ade gak lah tanye gynae tue asal i x period2...
then doc tue tanye i breast feed ker?
i cakap yes..
then die kata its normal for BF mother..
dont have to worry... =)
fuhhh lega...

so skarang dah xde nak risau2 lagik... (^_^)


  1. hai su,

    saya pun tak period after my dotter setahun 10 hari...huu...baru la period. Coz memang fully bf. Dulu risau penah bc info mcm ni no worried. Tapi now dotter da 1 thn 5 bulan..da start campur FM..chaiyok2 bf chinta :)

  2. Elin : Hi...tue la kan...memula mcm risau bile doc pun dah ckp dont have to worried so ok lah...hopefully dpt bf cinta sampai die 2 thn..insyaALLAH... =)




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